Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Journey of Faith at Joint Base Charleston

I am really excited for today's Journey of Faith event at Joint Base Charleston, SC.  From the saints that will be portrayed for the children, to the teens that are eager to serve, I can feel a sense of community and longing for God within many who I have spoken to about this.  Now, all we need is for families to show up! 

What is the Journey of Faith?

The Journey of Faith is intended to foster community involvement in a Christ-centered, Catholic environment aimed at family catechesis with community support.
Using Passports and Stamps, Families will be able to go through 5 stations to learn of Saints' lives and how they were able to put Christ as the center of their lives. Everyone in the parish will fit into one of three roles;

Travelers (children) - those who are on their journey and are learning as they go
Chaperones (parents) - those who have been on the journey and are now responsible for others' journeys
Tour Guides - those in the community who may not be directly responsible for a traveler but will still be there to guide them as needed

The children must look to their chaperones and tour guides within the community for the transmittal of faith. Each chaperone and tour guide has a saint pamphlet and can introduce the child to the saint, explain how they can relate to the child today, and how to look to the Communion of Saints for Intercession in our daily lives.

If you are here reading this after attending the event, I hope you enjoyed yourself and learned of Saints' lives. Here are the links that were available on the pamphlet and more! (provider of all artwork for stations)

Until next time, May God Bless You and enjoy spreading the Gospel!

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